Lingua Montenegrina, Aims and Scope


As a journal for linguistic, literary and cultural issues, ever since its founding in 2008, Lingua Montenegrina has had a mission to develop and promote Montenegrin studies as the youngest branch of Slavic studies. At the same time, given that the journal publishes papers in all Slavonic languages, ​​as well as in English, the mission of Lingua Montenegrina is also to promote new knowledge in the field of Slavic studies, as well as in the fields of linguistics, literary studies and cultural studies in general.


The vision of Lingua Montenegrina is to open space for new studies in South Slavic philology and Balkan cultural studies, first and foremost to new archival, field, theoretical and other types of research, as well as to publish studies on phenomena that have so far lacked adequate treatment within linguistic, literary and cultural Montenegrin studies. Collaboration with institutions and authors from abroad, in the field of humanities, will enable Lingua Montenegrina, as well as Montenegrin studies as a whole, to become part of state-of-the-art research developments.